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The pendant lamps, floor lamps or knockers offered by our online store are often small works of design art, but they could not fulfill their function without matching light bulbs and other necessary accessories.


  • halogen bulbs - equipped with a tungsten filament, filled with a noble gas with halogen (such as iodine) regulating the filament. They glow for up to 2,000 hours, while consuming 30% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. They are most often used for general lighting, but also allow to create lighting accents. The light in halogen lamps is characterized by a whiter hue than in traditional ones, hence they work well as spot lights.
  • incandescent LED bulbs - are made of small light-emitting diodes placed in a special fixture that allows them to be mounted in places where traditional incandescent bulbs were previously located. They come in many forms - as single fluorescent tubes, adhesive tape or modules. Strips and tapes are often used, for example, inside a dressing room, strips can be placed, for example, on a bathroom floor. They can shine for up to 50,000 hours.
  • incandescent bulbs tungsten (traditional) - built from tungsten filament, which gives light under the influence of electricity, enclosed in a glass bulb - either constituting a vacuum or filled with a mixture of gases (including noble gases). They glow for about 1,000 hours, faithfully reproduce color, give light of warm white color. Phenomena Light offers decorative traditional bulbs with decoratively routed tungsten wire - ideal for vintage-style table lamps or pendant lamps.
  • linear fluorescent lamps - produce light as a result of electrical discharges in low-pressure mercury vapor. The result of this process is ultraviolet light, which the phosphor - a white substance that covers the tube from the inside - converts into visible light. The advantages of linear fluorescent lamps include low energy consumption and thus savings, they shine for about 10,000 hours, and they can be produced in different color temperatures. They are ideal for evenly illuminating large rooms.

For our customers who like surprises and are looking for non-standard solutions, we have prepared a RGB LED bulb from EKO-LIGHT, shining in more than a dozen colors of light, which can be changed using the remote control attached to the product. Another of the curiosities available in our offer is a musical LED bulb equipped with a bluetooth speaker - thanks to it you can not only freely change the color of light in the room, but also listen to your favorite music in good quality!

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