Phenomena Light - wall sconces for your four walls!

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Wall sconces have been known to us for hundreds of years, still today constituting a permanent and indispensable decorative element of the home. Wall lamps, including precisely wall sconces, are rarely a source of central illumination, however, they prove indispensable in hallways, staircases, as lighting for mirrors, but also in the office or living room, where they create pleasant lighting accents that harmonize with the main lighting and an intimate atmosphere.

Phenomena Light's assortment includes a wide selection of wall lamps in a variety of styles - matching both modern, classic and rustic interiors.


The products we offer include a wall sconce by Britop, designed in a minimalist spirit and ideal for mounting in a hallway, as well as wall lamps from manufacturer Nowodvorski - ideal for a children's room, also as reading sconces in the bedroom, which come in various color variants. Many of the available wall lamps, such as harmonic lamps from Spot Light have an adjustable fixture, so you can move the light source away or closer to you at will, as well as change the tilt and angle of the rays.

Thanks to the Phenomena Light online lamp store, you can choose the perfect type of lighting for any purpose interior. Consider your preferred number of light points and their color, the type of bulb and the color of the fixture - you're sure to find something that will blend perfectly into the walls of your interior! Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!